About Us

Our Mission:

Advance the use of rigorous, repeatable, science-based innovation methods and tools; to universities, professionals and companies throughout Arizona, while solving important social problems.

Three focus areas:

  • Student Certifications
  • Coaching for Professionals
  • Breakthroughs for Good

David Troness - Principle

  • I found out about TRIZ in the mid-90's (after the breakup of the old USSR) while working at Intel.
  • I went to meet with a couple of Russian experts who had just moved to the US and I was amazed at what I heard, but I was still skeptical, so...
  • I hired several of them to prove they could solve some of Intel's toughest unsolved problems.  They were successful in every case; with more solutions, better solutions and in less time than we thought was possible.
  • After extensive training, application and coaching other people, I taught hundreds of people at Intel, Honeywell, Johnson & Johnson and many smaller companies, along with three different universities.
  • In my career as an engineer, nothing has been as fun and satisfying as being able to use these tools to create really cool solutions to problems that other people had given up on… the kind of solutions that you want to go home and tell your friends & family about!
  • Founder of “Arizona Innovation Authority”

Contact David Troness at david@azinnovationauthority.com or 480.270.4081

Advisory Group

There is a small, but growing group of advisors who will monitor the organization's focus, especially including the certification program.  With the involvement of this group, "value" and "effectiveness" will continually evolve, adapt and improve.

While a variety of people are being approached, the key person, Larry Ball, has already agreed to serve on this board.

Larry Ball

Primary Author of TRIZ PowerTools
Board Chairman

Has studied, applied and taught TRIZ since 1992 (2 decades).  Has extensive experience in practicing TRIZ in the Aerospace Industry (15+ Aerospace Patents). Background in performance analyst for pneumatic systems. Author of Breakthrough Inventing with TRIZHierarchal TRIZ AlgorithmsHierarchal Innovation Algorithms and the Primary Author of TRIZ Power Tools.  Has published numerous articles in the TRIZ-Journal including some of the above books. Co-organized the TRIZ Practitioner's Exchange, an exchange dedicated to the deployment of TRIZ by internal business consultants.