Breakthrough Contributions

Using our diverse experience, skills and education, we plan to focus our attention on a select few humanitarian, social and environmental issues.  This is where we, the adult learners we engage with and the students we work with, come together and really have run, doing amazing things.

Sorry if this sounds overconfident, but we have no doubt that we can come up with elegant solutions to any problem, and that is what makes it so fun!  Hard to believe? …ask past students who have expressed that they finally get excited again about getting up in the morning to go and work on their new concept.  Others have said things like:  “Now this is why I became an engineer!”

Here are some possible problems we could work on:

  • Kids & Pets Dying in Hot Cars:  According to the National Transportation Safety Board, there are not yet any robust, inexpensive, effective solutions on the market… yet.
  • Danger to Law Enforcement when Deploying “Stop Sticks or Spike Strips”:  Officers have been killed by the  fleeing car and even the police car that is in chase.
  • “Cute Shoes”:  I have a young daughter with Cerebral Palsy and like with any young girl or boy, they don’t want to have to wear shoes that look different than what their peers are wearing.  Orthotics or braces are fitted according to what would make the person walk more safely, prevent any further instability or pain.  It was great when she moved from a leg brace than went up to her calf, to an insert in a regular tennis shoe.  But even with the smaller orthotic, it was still difficult to get her feet into the shoes without getting shoes that were 5 sizes bigger.  She wanted shoes that were cute and I wanted her to have shoes that were good for her , easy to put on AND still look very stylish… no compromise.  I realize that there are children and adults with far more challenging needs.  They deserve solutions that are simple, inexpensive, without compromise… and of course, “cute”.
  • “Water for Everyone”:  There is a real need for water solutions that aren’t over-hyped gadgets and machines that are over-priced, over-complicated and drastically under-performing.  These kinds of solutions are insulting to the people who need sustainable quantities of water.  Also, these manufacturers are consuming investor dollars that could go toward real solutions.  A far more elegant solution is required, i.e. one that is expensive, very simple and does not compromise in any respect.