TRIZ PowerTools


“TRIZ PowerTools” refers to the series of free e-books written by Larry Ball
-available at

Larry has studied, applied and taught TRIZ since 1992 (over 2 decades).  He has extensive experience in practicing TRIZ in the Aerospace Industry (15+ Aerospace Patents). Background in performance analyst for pneumatic systems. Author of Breakthrough Inventing with TRIZ, Hierarchal TRIZ Algorithms, Hierarchal Innovation Algorithms and the Primary Author of TRIZ Power Tools.  Has published numerous articles in the TRIZ-Journal including some of the above books. Co-organized the TRIZ Practitioner’s Exchange, an exchange dedicated to the deployment of TRIZ by internal business consultants.

Larry and I were introduced to TRIZ about the same time (in the early 90’s) while he was at Honeywell and I was at Intel, about 5 miles apart. Our paths crossed as we were each introducing TRIZ to our respective employers, with help from many of the well-known Russian TRIZ Masters, whom we have great appreciation and gratitude toward. I followed the path laid out by “Classical TRIZ”. At Intel, we deployed Level 1 and 2 training at all their manufacturing sites and either saved or avoided around $100M. After leaving Intel, I also taught introductory courses at Univ. of Wisc., Univ. of Akron and Arizona State University.

Larry also studied classical TRIZ intensely, but then he went beyond this to lay out his own way of utilizing TRIZ concepts and making it “his own” (the concept of “making it your own” has turned out to be an important indicator of commitment and understanding). When we met up again in 2005, he was still at Honeywell where he had very good success with TRIZ, which allowed the group he was in to hire another person. That gave me the opportunity to join Honeywell and partner with Larry in the effort to widen its use. I soon adopted the various approaches which Larry had developed. As he intended, I found these approaches to be very clear and direct for:

• Understanding causes and function in a very in-depth, complete and objective manner
• Quickly and easily identifying physical contradictions
• Applying an expanded group of separation strategies
• Integrating TRIZ with learning from current thought leaders to systematically create more successful product offerings

Learning Through Discussion & Demonstrations

The books cover “TRIZ Skills” and “Inventive Jobs” which are complete with videos, descriptions, theory, examples and practice problems. However, some people learn more effectively through verbal interaction, which is the reason for offering on-line discussions.

There will be on-line introductory discussions which will be free. This provides you an opportunity to interact with myself and other interested people. Hopefully this will give you an opportunity to determine if you want to participate in the actual (paid) instructional/hands-on sessions on a variety of subjects.

These sessions will be 90-minutes: 45 minutes discussing the topic, answering questions and working practice problems, and the last 45 minutes reserved for assistance on specific problems as desired.

Example Topics for Paid Sessions ($20/person/session):
• Physics-Based Causal Analysis (beginner, intermediate & advanced)
• Identifying Physical Contradictions
• Resolving Physical Contradictions with Separation Strategies (one strategy per session)
• Elegant Solutions – Setting Requirements for Outcomes
• Focusing on the “Job” – Christensen & Ulwick
• TRIZ Related to “Blue Ocean Strategy”
• And many other possible detailed sub-topics per student interest/request

To discuss or sign-up for a session, contact us:
David Troness